Building Home’s on foundations of innovation & integrity


In the best tradition of South African entrepreneurship founder Ishmail Essa, established Asrin Property Developers in 1993 with just a computer and limited capital. However, with support and guidance from his family, a substantial background of industry-related work experience, a detailed business plan and a robust vision of how he wanted the company to grow, he was well placed to begin realizing his dream.

Starting with the development of just one semi-detached residential unit in Athlone which was then doubled to two units and subsequently redoubled to four units, the company has rapidly fulfilled and even surpassed Ishmail’s initial vision, becoming one of the foremost property developers in the Western Cape region with an expansive future to look forward to.

Trust, honesty and sincere business ethics are our keycore values.

Developing projects is not just about business. It’s about people too. At Asrin, we develop property on the foundations of innovation and integrity, ensuring the needs of our clients is always put first. Not only is our history of successfully completed projects testament to this, but our line-up of current projects conveys the extent to which we remain true to our ideals.

These values have advanced our team of professionals and our business to the position of one of the leading property developers in the region.

Our Marketing team researches project feasibility intensely to ensure that we enter the market with a competitive product whilst our in-house building teams tend to the construction of our projects.

For cutting-edge results, we keep up-to-date on industry trends as well as the latest building technology.

To be at the forefront of Research and latest Building technologies, ensuring that our Experience skilled work force, is up to speed with industry trends.

Our success can be attributed largely to our integrity and our care and commitment to each individual project. Our professional staff never fails in their instincts, discipline and determination to make expert decisions quickly and effectively, without compromising on quality.